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TLDR: I run a correlation analysis between all of my daily self-tracked metrics. 60% of the statistically significant results are “obvious” relationships, while the rest are surprising, meaningful, and actionable.

My journey with self-tracking

I’ve been keeping a daily log of the day’s activities for approximately the past 4 years. I track my fitness, diet, sleep, mindfulness, mood, goals, good habits, bad habits, time spent, and personality traits.

For a full dive into how I started quantifying my life, the categories of data that I track, and the reasons why I do it, please check out my most recent post.

Why I analyze my quantified self data

I don’t collect data…

Self-tracking is an investment.

Every day since April 2017, I spend a couple of minutes before I go to sleep to log the day's activities.

Until today, I haven't really thought of the time that it takes to do this. Some back of the napkin math brings that time spent (at 5 minutes a day) to 6675 minutes, which is 11.25 hours, or 4.64 whole days of me looking at a screen and doing manual data entry.

That's absolutely insane, you could do so much else with that amount of time! Why would someone choose to spend their precious time in that fashion?


Daily Vis

Writings about the Quantified Self. https://dailyvis.com/

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